Josie Weir, Healing One Painting at a Time.







Josie Weir

Josie Weir, Healing One Painting at a Time.

Toronto, ON


Ever since I was a young child I felt a natural craving to paint and express myself throught Art.I was born in Toronto, Canada and lived there most of my life. Currently residing in Prague Czech Republic.
I enjoy many types of Art and crafts like drawing, painting, henna, crochet and photograpy. My paintings are not photographic. Rather, they capture the essence of the moment. I am motivated not only to impress people with colours and patterns but also to help them manage the everyday stresses of life and heal their past experiences.


Art is everywhere you look. It makes life exciting, interesting and beautiful. Art can give you self confidence and a unique, individual form of self expression. Art tickles our senses. It is a welcome tonic and adds creativity to our lives.

Art is a blueprint of modern society. To make anything whether it is a road sign, glass bowl or a dress first you need a rough sketch or model and that is where Art joins with science and technology to take us out of the dark ages into the future.



Kaylie by Josie Weir


Pleiadian Goddess by Josie Weir


Milking Cow by Josie Weir


Young Girl in a Barn by Josie Weir


Sad Girl by Josie Weir


Daughter by Josie Weir


Paradise Island by Josie Weir


Mountain view of Ecuador by Josie Weir


The Kiss by Josie Weir


Mandango Mountain by Josie Weir


Athena by Josie Weir


The Mermaid by Josie Weir


Come here by Josie Weir


Animals in the park by Josie Weir


Beautiful Blue Lake by Josie Weir


The Transformation by Josie Weir


Dreamy Mermaid by Josie Weir


Old Train Station by Josie Weir


Ecuador Countryside by Josie Weir


Lily of Ecuador by Josie Weir


young lady by Josie Weir


The Vampire by Josie Weir


Abstratco by Josie Weir


Benard Shaw Sketch by Josie Weir


Eric by Josie Weir